Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Boys

If you haven't already met my pups, here's your chance.

They see another dog...but don't realize they're at the vet.

Like every other being, they each have their own personality.

Moose sits for a photo.

Moose is the one that always wants everything in line. If I say sit and Max doesn't, Moose will eventually nip at him, as if saying, "Mom said sit. Do it!" He LOVES playing ball and could fetch it for hours. He's super smart but also stubborn and tries to push boundaries sometimes. I got him from a family who couldn't keep him any longer due to job loss. The poor little guy has some horrible allergies though, that's why he's so pink in the picture.

Max thinks hiding under my chair will protect him from thunder.

Max is the goofball. He jumps around in circles when I come home and when I let them inside. He always wants to play but loses interest and moves on quickly. He learns slower than his brother and is often nervous. He cowers if you move too suddenly and hides under the bed during storms. I got him from a rescue that pulled him from an abusive home.

It's no secret, I love my pups. They're my boys, my everyday family.



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  1. With those sweet faces, how could you not love them?!?

    I've got 2 pups myself & love them so much more than I thought was ever possible. Nothing is better than coming home after a rough day at work & find 2 sweet faces so excited & happy that you are home. They know how to make anything better!


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