Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Post: Karen of Celebrate Life

My family is really important to me...so I've gone off on a little vacation to explore my parents' new home state with them. You're in luck though, I've asked some super sweet gals to write guest posts while I'm gone.

Today I'd like you to meet Karen of Celebrate Life. She's a new Mama who takes the most amazing photos and still makes some time to create handmade items for her shop.

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Hi everyone... my name is Karen, and I'm so excited to be over here on your side of the globe today.

I'm a Jersey girl, born and raised... until my prince charming (his horse was really a plane in the Air Force), rescued me from there swept me off my feet. I've been following him around ever since (first to FL, then to Germany, and currently in South Korea.) Life is quite an adventure, and I celebrate it everyday... it's such an amazing gift from God. Just a little over a month ago, I became a Mama... but not by having a child "biologically"... but through adoption... It's been a whirl wind...trying to find time to craft, sew, photograph, and be a Mama at the same time. Over on my blog (I call myself a lifestyle blogger), you can usually find some posts about life as a Mama/military spouse/foreigner on the other side of the world... crafts/DIY tutorials... recipes... devotionals... and of course every post I post, MUST have some photos (since that's my true passion).

Today, I'd like to share with you what it looks like on my side of the globe... on a walkabout. Korea is a beautiful place... and although it's full of city life and traffic, there's also this other side, the side that is surrounded by beautiful rice paddy fields, and that is where I live...

So, put on some comfy shoes (really, just fill up your cup of coffee... because that's what I'd be doing if I was sitting here reading a blog post)... or in my case, slip on my wellies (it's monsoon season over here... tons of rain and puddles everywhere), and lets head on out!

One of the first things that happens along this journey... is that a dragon fly will land on you... they just want to let you know that it's "their" season, and that they are finally out and about... has anyone ever seen a dragonfly up close and personal? Well now you have...

Where I live, I'm surrounded by many many fields... mostly for rice production aka rice paddy fields. In June, they typically till up the ground and plant these little guys... then they let the rain do it's job... and it's amazing how tall they become! Usually in October they harvest the beautiful plants that grow about up to your chest... it's truly amazing. The only thing that isn't pleasant, is the smell of these lovely fields.

Sometimes the field workers get to work by riding their adorable bikes...

and here's just a quick look at the rice plants as "babies"...

What is pleasant... is the smell of the flowers and other greenery around here. I just love how green it is, especially this time of the year. You'd think with as much rain as we get, that it would be drab and dreary, but it's the complete opposite.

On the steep hill back up to my house, I pass by some of the farmer's homes, and their gardens... I just love seeing how simple they live here. Remember, this isn't city life (those Koreans tend to lead posh lives)... but the farmers... they lead my kind of life, and surround themselves with beauty (some of the flowers above are from their homes/gardens)...

And that dear friends, concludes our walk...

Thanks for letting me stop by Midge! Now I want to know... what does it look like where you live?


Thanks Karen for taking us with you on your walk. What a beautiful area, I can see why you like it. I'm sure your little one is soaking up all the new things around her! I'll see if I can come up with a walk to take you on when I get back.

Also, I'm going to need your wellies...mmkay? Thanks.

Don't forget, you can find Karen here: [Blog] [Shop] [Facebook] [Twitter]




  1. um, I'll pass on my wellies, as soon as Monsoon season is over, mmkay? ;) Can't wait until you take me on a walk (and I'll enjoy a cup of coffee!)

  2. I just love Karen & her blog. What lovely photos! She's truly talented.


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