Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confession: I Name Things

Remember when you were little and you had that stuffed animal, or blanket, or whatever thing you always carried around or slept with? I had a white monkey called Neemee. I can't remember where I came up with that name, or even if I ever spelled it out...but we had some good times.

Since then, I've had a tendency to name things.

Lots of people name their car, so that's not really too out of the norm, right? My first car (a van) didn't have a name...that I know of. "Red" was a Ford Taurus that matched her name. After that I had "The Periwinkle Pleaser," a newer Taurus with smoother lines that I later sold to my sister. Now I have a Toyota Prius, "The Magnet." I swear, I'll never buy a new car again. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it attracts moving things to it like crazy. (No, it's not my driving. I had the car for a week before someone side swiped it while parking.)

And I still name stuffed animals.

But naming my car and stuffed animals isn't where it stops:

Bart the Whale Necklace - Bartholomew Sunkist, the 3rd, used to live with Leonora. Now he lives with me and talks about how much he misses her and his cousins. You can find a couple of them in her shop.

He's from New York. I gain gangsta status just being in his presence.

Spike the Blow Fish Alarm Clock - He came to live with me in high school and has done well in a position many before him couldn't handle.

There are others that wouldn't pose for photos:

Melvin the Turtle Magnet from Cozumel.

George the Gecko on my cell phone screen.

Reginald (Reggie) my macbook.

Anyway, you get the idea...I name things. No big deal, right?




  1. You are such a strange cookie <3 innocentdiva lol

  2. Love it! Nothing strange about it at all :) But like Kim said - look at who it is NOT thinking it's strange ;)

  3. My car is Gracie. My computer is Stella. My iPhone is simply "Mr iPhone"

    I have three animals from childhood all with names.

    And I TOTALLY remember NEEMEE

  4. Lol.... I am actually one person who doesn't really name much, but my daughter sounds just like you... Lol


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