Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Post: Diana of :dianapantz:

My family is really important to I've gone off on a little vacation to explore my parents' new home state with them. You're in luck though, I've asked some super sweet gals to write guest posts while I'm gone.

Today I'd like you to meet Diana of :dianapantz:. This gal can knit, sew, cook, bake and takes amazing photos. She's also crazy active in an Earth-friendly way. And...she's my pen pal! Remember this?

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hey everybody!
my name is diana and i blog over at dianapantz. i post about being vegan in the midwest, riding my bike to work, turning my passion into a career and sharing fun photos of the every day.

i feel so giddy that midge asked me to guest post for her while she is on vacay hanging with her family! for a few years, i lived across the country from my mama, so i can totally relate to her excitement!

lets talk about family, shall we?

this is my cute man-friend, blake.

[what a babe!]

the second week blake and i were together, i totally knew that he was my other half.
blake is amazing for a million and one reasons. [awww]
one of my faves?
like me, he wants to adopt.
from haiti.

we both have a history with haiti.
blake spent time there years and years ago. and last summer, we decided to leave everything behind for a month, and help rebuild.
we spent a month in haiti. no running water. very little electricity. rats the size of rabbits and the *most* amazing avocados i have ever had!
our days were spent working with a crew of haitian men; hauling huge rocks, learning creole, trying to teach english, eating tons of rice and beans and taking a million pictures.
the trip changed our lives. made us closer to one another and also reaffirmed that when we are ready to create a family, it will be through international adoption.
we talk about our little family-to-be all the time. we discuss the confidence to instill in a child who will look so different from his/her parents. we talk about relatives that don't quite understand what we are doing. we discuss the language and culture, and how important it is for us to celebrate the haitian culture and be fluent in creole.
i feel so lucky to have found an amazing partner that is so open-minded and ready to break boundaries and cultural norms to better his life and the people surrounding him!



Thanks Diana for introducing us to Blake and sharing your trip and your plans with us! Your family-to-be will be just as amazing as your story, I'm sure!

I can't wait until I can get back up to The Cities to visit...we'll have to get together!

Don't forget, you can find Diana here: [Blog] [Shop] [Facebook]



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  1. international adoption is a BLESSED thing... my husband and I just adopted our little girl from Ukraine 1 month ago, and our lives have changed FOREVER!


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