Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midge's Mailbox

I love getting mail - unless it's bills.

Today I opened my mailbox and found a package from my pen pal, Diana. If you don't know her, she's the awesome behind this shop.

I was, of course, all about finding out what might be in that manila envelope...and this is what I found:

 How cute is that?! I can just feel the positivity dripping from this happy little cloud.

Look at those colors! And the size of those drops! *squeeee!* These drops are so much better than the ones that have been making my grass grow like crazy for the last few weeks.

Also included, and keeping the drops from getting tangled among their neighbors, was this:

I used to have a book with all these characters and read it all the time. I think I probably still have it somewhere actually. Anyone know whose characters these are?

If you don't have a pen pal, you totally should. Cool people like Diana are so worth sitting down and taking the time to write to.

Thanks for making my day, girl!




  1. eeep!
    your photos look great ; i am so glad you love it!

  2. what a fun gift!

    i've never had a pen-pal, always wanted one when i was younger.

    i kind of feel like all my bloggy friends have become pen-pals. the bonus is i don't have to fret about putting a stamp on something i wrote that has been sitting on my counter to be mailed for weeks (i'm HORRIBLE about mailing things).

  3. what an adorable mobile!! :)

    and guess what? you're about to get MORE mail, because you won the four pair of urban nomad earrings during my birthday blog party. :)

    just email me with your address to girl.in.a.box@gmail.com and i'll have them shipped out to you. congrats!


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