Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post: Diana of Livy Love Designs

My family is really important to I've gone off on a little vacation to explore my parents' new home state with them. You're in luck though, I've asked some super sweet gals to write guest posts while I'm gone.

Today I'd like you to meet Diana of Livy Love Designs. She creates the most adorable prints, invitations and business cards and loves doing custom work! I can't just yet, but I'll post a picture of the print she made for me soon.

Be sure to visit her and let her know I sent you! [Blog] [Shop] [Facebook] [Twitter]


Hey everyone! My name is Diana Smith.  I am the blogger over at Livy Love.  I mostly blog about my little family of three, but coming December, we are having another one! We don't know yet what we are having as of right now, but come a week from now, we will!

As excited I am to have another baby, I am quite nervous. It's debatable if it's better to know what's coming than to not. I had a really easy pregnancy with Olivia. Never threw up, never got sick, and other than the normal pregnancy symptoms, I was great! However, my labor was pretty tough. I was eight days late and my doctor decided to induce me. Once I was induced, I was in labor for 17 hours. Still no progression. Because my daughter's head was stuck in my pelvis, they decided to do a C-section. I think that was my payback for such an awesome pregnancy. Haha.

With my pregnancy now, it's been a lot rougher! More aches and pains, but that could also be the fact that I have a little one year old to chase after. So hopefully, I will endure a tougher pregnancy and have a really easy birth! Haha. Oh how I wish things worked out that way.

Well it was so fun being able to guest post on Midge's blog!
Feel free to stop by and say Hi! :)


Thanks Diana for introducing us to your beautiful family! I can't wait to see what your new baby will be...I think it's going to be a boy!

Don't forget, you can find Diana here: [Blog] [Shop] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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