Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Recap - Part 4


Mama-San and I went to Einstein Bros. for breakfast...where I had a nice chat with the staff while she chose what she wanted. Mama-San thought the young male employees were hitting on me. I think they thought I was crazy for being so perky in the morning. (Don't be fooled, I am NOT a morning person.)

From there we stopped at the DMV (for her) and a Harley Davidson dealer (for me - to get a dealer pin) before going a little out of our way to find a Nordstrom. Why there? I wanted these:


I knew I wanted the red ones from the beginning but I had a pretty serious internal debate over whether to get the classics or wedges. I loved the wedges but I knew I'd wear the classics all the time. If you haven't heard about Toms, go read about the One for One Movement and how it helps children.

Papi got home early so he could go with us to the airport. I had a great time and leaving was hard.

When I landed in Nashville, a good friend was waiting for me. She, her boyfriend and his dog kept my car company while I was gone. We spent hours chatting and shared some homemade wine before heading to bed. Fantastic waffles greeted me the next morning. I took her to his shop before driving home and was blown away by all the amazing instruments there. Make sure you check out Nashville Violins if you're ever in the area and say hello to Rascal. Isn't he adorable?

Credit: Nashville Violins

I all but crashed when I got home that afternoon. My pups went crazy so we played for a bit and then took a nap before I had to go work. Like everyone else, I love taking vacation...but as much as I didn't want to come back, it's also nice to be home.



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