Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Recap - Part 1

When I first got back from my vacation, I was fighting some sort of sinus thing...which got better and then came back...and had to get back onto my night shift schedule. I'm totally using these as my excuse for slacking here.

I have so many pictures to share I've decided a few separate posts are necessary. Anyway, here's a recap!


Mostly a travel day. Drove from Chattanooga to Nashville. I picked up a friend downtown then drove to the airport. She was awesome and took my car home so I didn't have to pay for parking. (Evidently she had some issues since it's a hybrid (even though I gave her a tutorial) and some random lady helped her out. She tells the story much better and had me rolling.

Upon landing in Denver, Mama-San and Papi met me in the baggage claim. So good to see them!!! We went to Noodles for dinner - a fave we don't have in Chatt. Here's the part where I get all excited over something little. After dinner we went to Home Depot to buy A GRILL! You'll understand my excitement later.


Mama-San and I went to an adorable knitting shop called Knit Knack. She goes every Sunday to knit with some friends and I really loved being there with them...even though I was crocheting. I'm so glad she took me with her, they're a great group of gals! I worked on these:

Up the street there's a little shop called Scrumptious. Seriously, this place lives up to it's name. They have tasty ice cream and the kid's size is plenty - I had Elvis and another flavor I can't remember the name of and don't see listed on their site. The candy selection is awesome too! 

We stopped at Cheesecake Therapy on the way home and grabbed three different minis for after dinner.

We stopped at home to pick up Papi and went to a local meat market - on a farm that's strangely located on a main city road. We were expecting to get fresh steaks but everything was frozen. We picked up a few things anyway (including fresh cheese curds - a weakness I have from my Minnesota days) and took a drive, hoping the meat would thaw some. I should have thought to get out some of the cheese while trying to get the shot below. Rufus wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken.

We drove in the mountains for a bit and ended up in Nederland. There's a huge reservoir there and this sign on the side of the road as you approach the dam...

At some point Papi pulled over so I could get out for a picture of the view. Here's what I snapped:

While looking up at my phone for the perfect shot, I missed the edge of the asphalt and rolled my ankle. Luckily, I've been blessed with sufficient padding on my backside and the landing wasn't too bad. I was scraped up from the top of my foot (I was wearing flip flops) all the way to my knee. My ankle was swelling by the time I got back to the car and I was expecting Mama-San to be laughing. She wasn't though, they didn't even see me fall.

Side note: Mama-San laughs every time someone gets hurt. Although I wondered as a teenager, she's NOT evil. We both do it...once we know someone is alright.

So, I'd been in Colorado for less than 48 hours and I'd already hurt myself. What can I say? I'm just that good I guess. Let's call this a "hiking" injury, shall we?

Seriously though, don't try walking around a place you don't know while looking can hurt.

More soon!



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  1. No, not evil. :) I think it's a nervous reaction, the laughing.... I'm glad you really liked my knitting pals.


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