Tuesday, August 23, 2011

28 things

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Yesterday marked 28 years of my life. Today, I present to you, 28 things you may not know about me.

1 - This is the number of times I've gotten sick from drinking too much.

2 - The number of places I've flown over an ocean to get to. (England and Hawaii)

3 - I have three cameras. (Digital SLR, 35mm and digital point-and-shoot)

4 - I was four (and a half) when my sister was born.

5 - I am five feet tall.

6 - I have lived in six states.

7 - The number of pets I've had, not counting fish. (Daisy, Sadie, Lil-Bit, Rosie, Buddy, Moose and Max)

8 - The first flight I remember was an eight hour trip from Chicago to London.

9 - I played softball for the first time when I was nine.

10 - My parents let me get my ears pierced for my tenth birthday.

11 - I was 11 when we moved to what I call my hometown.

12 - I met my best friends when I was 12.

13 - Mama-San took the day off for my 13th. We had lunch, saw a movie and I got my first make-up.

14 - After lying to my parents I lost a trip to Disney at 14. I haven't lied since.

15 - This was the year I joined Common Ground (a vocal jazz group) and was in my first musical.

16 - My first car, at 16, was a 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan.

17 - I graduated high school when I was 17.

18 - My first flight by myself was a trip for my 18th birthday.

19 - I moved out (the first time) at 19.

20 - My real name is after my Grandpa, whose birthday was August 20th. We celebrated together.

21 - I spent a day shopping in Chicago to celebrate my 21st.

22 - This is my favorite number.

23 - I bought my car (a hybrid) on my 23rd birthday.

24 - The number of states I've been to. (Airports don't count)

25 - For my 25th birthday, I took a "Quarter-Life Crisis" trip. Georgia > Michigan > Minnesota and back.

26 - I had Lasik when I was 26. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

27 - I took advantage of vacation time this year and went to Hawaii, Michigan and Colorado.

28 - This was the first year I didn't have anything to ask for on my birthday. What a good feeling!


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